MIC4-ZS Ignition Controller

For MWM®/DEUTZ® Gas Engines with TEM-ZS1 and TEM-ZS3 Ignition Systems

Based on the MIC4 series, MOTORTECH produces a special controller version as a replacement for the TEM-ZS1 and TEM-ZS3 ignition system used on MWM®/DEUTZ® gas engines. Designed as an exchange device, the MIC4-ZS enables a quick conversion without great effort.

With its future oriented electronical concept, the MIC4-ZS convinces with improved engine starting performance, smooth running and improved combustion. The significantly higher and controllable ignition energy (MOST) compared to the TEM-ZS devices, the accurate spark timing and diversified online diagnostics help to improve engine efficiency, spark plug life and availability of the equipment under the strictest emission regulations.

In addition to the MIC4-ZS ignition controller, the prepared conversion kits include the required high-performance ignition coils. Pre-chamber spark plugs or spark plug leads can be re-used, as these ignition coils have the same secondary connections as the original ones. The ignition coils – designed for MOTORTECH ignition controllers with MOST technology – guarantee the ideal performance support, especially when it comes to alternative combustibles with alternating or relatively low fuel value, e.g. biogas, mine gas, woodgas, sewage gas, landfill gas etc.

  • Plug&Play solution for easy conversion
  • No wiring or mechanical adaptations necessary
  • The communication with TEM control enables full system integration
  • Total preservation of all important components as well as maintaining the intuitive control and all functions of the TEM system (including diagnostic)
  • Configuration data of ignition are taken over by the management system after being connected
  • After conversion, the high-voltage values are displayed in kV in the TEM system. In this way, the spark plug status can be monitored during operation and the replacement time determined.
  • More than double the ignition energy (300 mJ)
  • Boost feature with 500 mJ ignition energy for improved starting performance
  • Smoother running of the engine
  • Improved combustion
  • Less wear to engine components
  • The available kits include all components for a successful upgrade
  • If expensive pre-chamber spark plugs are to be eliminated, then DENSO® standard spark plugs (model GL3-3 or GL3-5) and the corresponding MOTORTECH spark plug leads can also be ordered.


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