SparkView High Voltage Indicator up to 50 kV

With the portable indicator SparkView from MOTORTECH, the high voltage demand of spark plugs can be easily and conveniently measured and visualized while the engine is running. In combination with the SparkScan1 high voltage clamp connected to the SparkView or a special measuring cable and the display up to 50 kV, the condition of the ignition system and especially of the spark plugs can be easily determined and the changeover time can be optimally specified.

Regular measurements thus contribute to maximum utilization of the spark plugs as well as reducing maintenance costs and high system availability.

During operation quick and easy check

  • of spark plug wear and determination of the optimum time for changing
  • of the ignition system (defective ignition coil, ignition cable, failure of one ignition channel, etc.)


  • Sales Flyer 50 kV
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  • Sales Flyer 40 kV
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  • Sales and Service Bulletin
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  • Operating Manual 40 kV
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  • Operating Manual 50 kV
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