Flange Ignition Coils

MOTORTECH makes available the BLUE and RED flanged ignition coil as a replacement for the existing products sold by ALTRONIC® and the engine manufacturers.

A specially designed version for use with newest technologies of MOTORTECH ignitions controllers is also available:

  • MOST – MOTORTECH Output Stage Technology of MOTORTECH MIC3/3+, MIC4, MIC5 and MIC6 ignition controllers

Based on its known flange ignition coils, MOTORTECH offers a series with integrated primary leads. Different configurations with 2-pole and 3-pole connectors in 90° and 180° are available to connect the ignition coil directly to a wiring rail or to replace OEM products in the field.

These MOTORTECH ignition coils are designed for operators who want to monitor their high voltage traces in a simple way. Measuring high voltage peak (kV) and spark duration (μsec) of all cylinders of an engine with flange ignition coils regularly, will allow easy maintenance of the equipment. With a MOTORTECH SparkView or digital Scope Meter the operator can receive real time data.

MOTORTECH flange ignition coils with diagnostic interface are also available with integrated primary leads. These include different connector arrangements for a direct wiring rail connection and to offer an upgrade and replacement to used OEM products.


  • Sales & Service Bulletin Flange Ignition Coils for WAUKESHA ESM Gas Engines
    Sales & Service Bulletin Flange Ignition Coils for WAUKESHA ESM Gas Engines  (158 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 06.50.034
    Technical Data Sheet 06.50.034  (215 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 06.50.35
    Technical Data Sheet 06.50.35  (211 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 95.09.101
    Technical Data Sheet 95.09.101  (642 KB)