Repair & Overhaul

MOTORTECH Flat Rate Repair and Overhaul Service for Ignition Controllers and VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixers

Quality without Compromise

Take advantage of our comprehensive flat rate overhaul services. These options offer you knowing in advance what the cost will be. Our intensive repair, overhaul and test procedures allow a full year of warranty on all  ignition controllers and VariFuel2 air/gas mixers remanufactured by MOTORTECH.

Our economically remanufacturing processes cover intensive inspections, parts replacements, extensive  reconditioning and full operational test procedures. Within an average of four weeks (depends on customer  location) we return a fully functional product that looks as good as new.

Ignition controllers are subjected to extreme loads and must fulfill a wide range of technical requirements under very tough conditions. Parts that are constantly under stress will wear out and tend to fail.

MOTORTECH offers a comprehensive repair and overhaul service for almost all popular ignition controllers. Take advantage of our more than 30 years of technical experience.

Complete Overhaul of:

  • CATERPILLAR® ignition controllers for G3300/G3400 series gas engines
  • WAUKESHA® CEC series
  • WAUKESHA® IPM-Diagnostic
  • All MOTORTECH ignition controllers

Repair1) of:

  • ALTRONIC® DISN series
  • ALTRONIC® CPU95 series
  • All WOODWARD® ignition controllers

1) Please note that in a repair we do not sandblast and powder coat the housings, do not replace the gaskets and protective caps during assembly and do not attach a new name or replace the old labels.

MOTORTECH also offers a flat rate program for the repair and overhaul of the VariFuel2 air/gas mixers. Sent gas mixers are completely dismantled during the revision process and all components are thoroughly cleaned and tested. During subsequent assembly, defective or worn components are replaced. A final function test and a leakage test guarantee further faultless operation for a long time. As part of plant maintenance, this service is also available for functioning gas mixers to ensure continued operation.

Complete Repair and Overhaul of VariFuel2/VariFuel2+ Air/Gas Mixers:

  • Series 100-50
  • Series 100-60
  • Series 140-65
  • Series 140-80
  • Series 200-100
  • Series 200-120
  • Series 250-150
  • Series 300-190
  • Series 350-225


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