Certified Quality

Quality is when the Customer comes Back and not the Product

This goal is achieved with a series of automated test procedures and tough endurance tests, which culminate in our zero-defect strategy. Various certifications (e.g. ISO 9001:2015) of the company as well as individual areas according to particularly strict customer and QM requirements for research and development, production, assembly and maintenance confirm the high level of our quality management.

To keep our promises to even the most remote customers, all MOTORTECH branches and distributors are regularly trained by experienced employees. After all, our quality is expected, not just to exceed borders, but to surpass requirements as well.


  • Certificate – ISO 9001:2015
    Certificate – ISO 9001:2015  (289 KB)
  • RMA Process
    RMA Process  (296 KB)
  • Return of Goods
    Return of Goods  (1 MB)
  • Spark Plug Reconditioning
    Spark Plug Reconditioning  (653 KB)