A wide range of standard ignition pickups are available from MOTORTECH to allow service companies and operators to select what they need to do a professional installation.

High quality, designed to meet the application and temperature requirements, MOTORTECH pickups will last and ensure you are not experiencing any unexpected shut downs.

For use with competitor ignition systems, MOTORTECH offers a special series of pickups. Based on the reliable design of MOTORTECH´s standard versions, this series represents a suitable replacement for existing competitor pickups in the field.


  • MOTORTECH-InstructionLeaflet-Magnetic-Pickup-66.60.001-5818-L-01.12.050-2024-A-EN.pdf  (1 MB)
  • MOTORTECH-Technical-Data-Sheet-Magnetic-Pickup-66.60.001-5818-L-01.13.063-2024-A-EN.pdf  (547 KB)
  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2023-11-NPrd-New-Magnetic-Pickup-EN.pdf  (224 KB)
  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2021-04-NPrd-New-Hall-Effect-Pickup-EN.pdf  (310 KB)
  • Sales Flyer
    Sales Flyer  (171 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 66.60.002
    Technical Data Sheet 66.60.002  (64 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 66.60.003
    Technical Data Sheet 66.60.003  (199 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 66.60.011
    Technical Data Sheet 66.60.011  (716 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 95.70.001
    Technical Data Sheet 95.70.001  (256 KB)
  • Technical Data Sheet 95.70.002
    Technical Data Sheet 95.70.002  (63 KB)
  • Application Note
    Application Note  (842 KB)
  • MOTORTECH-Technical-Data-Sheet-Hall-Effect-Pickup-66.60.043-L-01.13.060-EN-2021-03.pdf  (1 MB)
  • MOTORTECH-InstructionLeaflet-Hall-Effect-Pickup-66.60.043-L-01.12.044-EN-2020-11.pdf  (288 KB)