Primary Leads

In addition to its conventional primary leads, MOTORTECH offers a new type of primary lead that is produced with a special wire. The new primary leads are compliant with CSA Class I, Division 2, Group D, and they offer a significantly higher flexibility than conventional leads, shielded with braided steel, while being highly resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions.

The multi-layer design of the wire is free of entrapped air and prevents the accumulation of condensed water which can result in primary voltage flash-overs. Several different configurations with durable 90-degrees and 180-degrees 2-pole and 3-pole connectors are available.

The oil and UV resistant multi-conductor wire is specially designed for shielded CSA certified primary leads.

It consists of a multi layer design:

  • Fine bare copper wire
  • PVC/Nylon insulation
  • Aluminum-plated foil and tinned copper braid
  • PVC jacket
  • Temperature range -40° C to +90° C (-40° F to +194° F)

This design ensures that no humidity can be trapped in the lead.


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