Integral Ignition Coils

Slim Design

Integral ignition coils are mostly used in shielded applications and are designed to be mounted directly on a dual threaded spark plug. This design does not require a spark plug lead. The ignition coil life is affected by the temperature that is transferred into the coil by the spark plug. On occasions where the spark plug leaks, high combustion pressure enters the ignition coil and forces the base coil to blow out of its housing. MOTORTECH’s design with a new top cover and a modern production process will not allow this to happen.

For slow and mid speed gas engines it is favorable to have more spark energy available. MOTORTECH offers a full line of special and more powerful integral ignition coils with a proven design including different lengths and versions for use with MOTORTECH MIC3/3+, MIC4, MIC5, MIC500 and MIC850 series ignition controllers (support MOST and ASC technology) to meet the application and spark plug requirement.


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