Dual Threaded Spark Plugs for use with Integral Ignition Coils

For operators who prefer to use a long integral ignition coil, MOTORTECH manufactures the dual threaded spark plugs. For years these plugs have been successfully operated worldwide.

  • Hot lock technology ensures increased spark plug durability even in high compression engines
  • J-type electrode design for enhanced combustion
  • Supplies even highest voltages of modern ignition systems like MOTORTECH’s MIC series
  • Special isolation for ceramic insulators for best flashover protection
  • Advanced spark erosion resistance
  • Suppression of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Less spark plug changes reduce operation costs
  • Available with different thread sizes and reaches

– M14x1.25
– M18x1.5
– 7/8-18 UNS

  1. Additional silicone isolation on aluminum oxide ceramic insulator offers best flashover protection
  2. Integrated stress resistant monolithic resistor suppresses electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  3. 13/16-20 UNEF top thread for coil connection with full 6 threads to meet the CSA requirements
  4. Rigid welds
  5. J-type electrode design and use of higher erosion resistance materials ensure better combustion particularly on lean burn gas engines and longest service life
  6. Copper cored center electrode with laser welded IRIDIUM alloy disc
  7. Copper cored ground electrode with laser welded IRIDIUM alloy disc