MOTORTECH Extended Barrel Spark Plugs

For certain applications extended barrel spark plugs are required. For example when the operator cannot get a conventional spark plug down the narrow spark plug well, he will need a special product that allows him to torque the plug from the top end. MOTORTECH offers an improved product to the market. Several of the known problems of products made by competitors are eliminated.

Besides an increase in reliability the spark plug run time needed to be extended. To achieve this, MOTORTECH uses base spark plugs with Iridium alloy (J-type) on center and ground electrode. MOTORTECH extended barrel spark plugs can be ordered in different lengths, terminal styles or with an integrated ignition cable.

  • No more trapped air in the extension barrel
  • No more condensation
  • No internal flash over
  • Built in ceramics
  • High dielectric strength
  • Rigid welds

MOTORTECH XT-Plugs are available with three different terminal styles to be connected directly to a spark plug lead or a short integral ignition coil.





  • Sales Flyer Extended Barrel Spark Plugs
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