Extended Barrel Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets

When it comes to service of a gas engine, the exchange of a spark plug is one of the easier tasks. However there are a few things you need to consider. Especially with modern high-end spark plugs it is essential to carry out a service with a tool for professionals and to avoid damage when the spark plug is screwed in or out.

MOTORTECH offers a complete range of extended barrel magnetic spark plug sockets in various lengths for all types of HEX. Integrated strong magnets hold the spark plug securely in any position, which guarantees an easy assembly and disassembly work especially on large engines with deep spark plug wells.

  • Strong magnets for firm connection of the spark plug
  • Use of magnets ensures largest possible clearance spark plug ceramic insulator
  • Equipped with a cross knurl, the sockets are extremely handy and non-slip
  • Different lengths for use with various engine applications
  • 1/2 inch drive


  • MOTORTECH-SalesFlyer-Magnetic-Spark-Plug-Sockets-01.25.015-EN-2016-10.pdf  (841 KB)