Wiring Rails for MWM® TBG 620-, TCG 2016 and TCG 2020 Series

The new MOTORTECH wiring rails for MWM® gas engines for the TGB 620, TCG 2016 and TCG 2020 series are designed as a plug & play solution and direct replacement for the original rails from MWM®.
Thanks to the identical design and full compatibility with all connected harnesses, the rails are individually replaceable and offer the aftermarket a cost-effective yet high quality alternative to the original rails from the engine manufacturer.


  • Direct replacement for MWM® wiring rails
  • Plug & Play: Precisely fitting components guarantee simple installation without additional modifications
  • Compatible with connected original MWM® harnesses
  • Delivery with MOTORTECH ignition coil P/N 06.50.055, equivalent to MWM® P/N 1215 3965 (ALTRONIC® P/N 501061) and compatible with ZS ignition controllers
  • Individually replaceable
  • Filled with special foam to protect the internal wiring
  • Rail profiles made of aluminum
  • High-quality materials guarantee a long service life


  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2021-23-NPrd-Wiring-Rails-MWM-TBG620-TCG2016-TCG2020-Series-EN.pdf  (169 KB)
  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2020-07-NPrd-Wiring-Rails-MWM-TCG2016-TCG2020-Series-EN.pdf  (76 KB)