ScopeLite Timing Light

The self-powered ScopeLite is designed to work with fully shielded ignition systems. A special clamp picks up the small trigger signal through the braid of conventional or MOT-Blues shielded spark plug leads. The signal is processed by the timing light and via LED technology a sequence of flashes is generated. On applications where MOTORTECH ignition coils with diagnostic interface are used, the ScopeLite can be attached directly to the BNC connector of the ignition coil.

Even on applications with integral or standard flange ignition coils, the clamp can be attached to the shielded primary lead. When timing is checked on engines with non-shielded spark plug leads, a selector switch needs to be pushed which then steps down sensitivity. The automatic time based shut-off function saves the 2 built in 9 V batteries in case the operator forgets to turn off power.

Makes it easy and safe for the operator!


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  • Sales & Service Bulletin: Use with Flange Ignition Coils
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