MIC3+CEC Ignition Controller

Retrofit for WAUKESHA® ATGL, VGF and VHP Series Gas Engines

Based on the MIC3+ series, MOTORTECH produces special ignition controller as replacement for WAUKESHA® CEC ignition system, used on ATGL, VGF and VHP series gas engines with 6, 8 or 12 cylinders.

Designed as an exchange device, the MIC3+CEC enables a quick conversion without great effort. Due to the connector configuration of the inputs and outputs adapted to the CEC control units, no adaptation of the cabling or triggering is necessary. The ignition coils used by the engine manufacturer are also supported by the MIC3+CEC and do not need to be replaced for operation.

The bracket set included in the scope of delivery allows easy mounting of the MIC3+CEC at the original position of the WAUKESHA® CEC device. The software, which is also included, contains a selection of pre-defined configuration files for most WAUKESHA® motors of the ATGL, VGF and VHP series and spared the individual programming.

As an upgrade and additional protection for the motor the MIC3+CEC can also be connected to the DetCon20 Detonation Control System from MOTORTECH (OEM control is not supported). As a further option we recommend the use of the PowerView3 HMI module to visualize the operating data of the MIC3+CEC and if necessary the DetCon20.

  • More than double the ignition energy (300 mJ)
  • Boost feature with 500 mJ ignition energy for improved starting performance
  • Smoother running of the engine
  • Improved combustion
  • Less wear to engine components
  • Manual switch for ignition timing adjustment
  • Solution for easy conversion
  • No rewiring or mechanical adaptations necessary
  • Predefined configuration data can be easily uploaded to the ignition controller
  • The available devices include all components for a successful upgrade
  • CAN Bus interface for connection of PowerView3 HMI Module for full ignition data visualization

MOTORTECH Integrated Configuration Tool

The configuration menu is specially made for MIC3+ retrofit ignition controllers and offers pre-defined configuration files for most of WAUKESHA®’s VGF and VHP series engines and spares the individual programming of the unit. The clear structure of the menu makes it easy to find the correct file for your application.


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