MOTORTECH Bridge Spark Plug

Modern gas engines are permanently operating under absolute extreme conditions with an effective mean pressure of more than 20 bar, with highly corrosive fuels (H2S) and lean mixtures – simultaneously demanding longer life periods. The MOTORTECH MBP1800 spark plug uses an innovative, highly solid electrode design, thus granting three times longer lifetimes than any traditional J-gap spark plug can do.

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  • Long life
  • New bridge electrode design
  • Large spark surface area
  • Double iridium electrodes
  • Advanced welding process
  • M18 thread

The MBP1800ʼs special double iridium electrode structure lead to a large spark surface area of 11 mm²/ 0.017 sq inch.

The bridge design offers two heat paths, maximizing the heat dissipation of the ground electrode, reducing the electrode wear out, thus extending the spark plug life period.

The electron beam welding is the most robust of all currently known welding processes. The vacuum environment and the precise electron beam provide for the best possible bi-metal connection.


  • Sales Flyer MBP1800 Bridge Spark Plug
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