Valve Cover Conversion Kit

With Flange Safety Device for Spark Plug Leads

For MAN® E32 Series Gas Engines

A defective or damaged spark plug due to incorrect installation cannot only affect the engine operation. The enormous pressures, especially of the latest engine designs, can be the reason a defective spark plug or parts of it are catapulted out of the cylinder like a bullet. This means danger to life and limb of service or operating staff working in the close engine environment.

The conversion kit designed by MOTORTECH reduces the danger on site. The spark plug lead is fixed with a safety flange directly on the valve cover with its appropriate support. The spark plug well is closed so tightly, that the release of components gets prevented and operational safety is increased.

  • Kit includes all items for easy conversion
  • Valve cover with included flange support and valve cover gasket for all MAN® E32 series gas engines
  • Safety flange for fixing the spark plug lead
  • The innovative flange design allows easy locking and unlocking of the spark plug lead when service is required
  • Specially designed PolyMot™ spark plug leads with embedded groove in the Teflon® insulator to take up the safety flange
  • The spring-loaded secondary terminal guarantees a reliable connection of the spark plug and the spark plug lead
  • A variety of PolyMot™ spark plugs leads is available to fit different spark plugs and ignition coil types (optional)


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