OLC Oil Level Controller

Combustion engines, compressors, turbines, slide bearings and gears – they all depend on a reliable supply of lubricating oil. For trouble-free operation, each of those systems, dependent on the design, requires a precisely defined oil level that may only be exceeded or undercut by a narrow margin. Moreover, the lubricating capacity of the oil is depleted after a certain operating time – it has to be changed.

Oil level monitoring, oil refill, and even an automated oil change – in other words, the complete management of the oil cycle – can be realized in a completely reliable manner with MOTORTECH‘s OLC oil level controller.

Advantages for the User

  • Elimination of regular monitoring of the oil level
  • Operation is not interrupted for monitoring the oil level
  • Operating errors are avoided, no overfilling/lack of oil
  • Automated oil change possible
  • Less work for staff, increase in operational safety
  • Visual surveillance of the oil level during operation is possible
  • Remote monitoring from a central location
  • Housing made of a high-grade, saltwater-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Individually and infinitely adjustable float switches with reed contacts
  • Potential-free closing or opening switches, no voltage transfer
  • One-shot switches with step response and unambiguous switching states
  • Contacts do not come into contact with oil, protection class IP 65
  • Vibration-proof, no interference caused by worn rods/valve seats
  • 2, 3 or 4 contacts
  • Optional analog level indicator 4 to 20 mA
  • Floats resistant to all oils
  • Contact protection thanks to integrated resistor
  • Switch point adjustment requires the use of tools
  • Fail-safe wires
  • Suitable for mineral and synthetic oils
  • 2 oil and 2 equalization connectors
  • Pipe connections with standard inch threads
  • Sight glass made of impact-resistant polycarbonate
  • Glass sealed with Perbunan (NBR)
  • Interior painted white for optimal recognition of oil level
  • Slotted holes allow for height adjustment during installation
  • Indication of engine wear based on refill frequency
  • Indication of water in lubricating oil is possible


  • Sales Flyer OLC
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