VariFuel2-TEM Air/Gas Mixer

For MWM® TCG 2016 V08 C, V12 C, V16 C and TBG 620 V16 Gas Engines

The VariFuel2-TEM air/gas mixer is based on the proven design of the VariFuel2 series and is specially designed for use with MWM® gas engines. Designed as a replacement and plug-and-play solution, the VariFuel2-TEM easily fits into the existing engine structure without any mechanical modifications.

In addition to full compatibility, both mechanically and in connection with existing TEM controllers, the VariFuel2-TEM contributes to an improvement of the starting behavior and mixture control via its variable fuel ring and enables low-maintenance operation over a long period of time.

  • Plug-and-play solution for easy replacement of the original gas mixer without mechanical modifications or cabling adjustments
    – Suitable flanges for direct connection to existing intake manifold, suction hose and gas train
    – Stepper motor with connecting cable and mating connector to multifunction rail
    – Position sensor suitable for cabling of the multifunction rail
  • Direct control by existing TEM management system
  • The variable fuel ring of the VariFuel2-TEM improves the mixture control behaviour and thus enables an optimized starting behaviour and performance, especially in operation with special gases
  • Low-maintenance part reduces operating costs by saving expensive repair kits


  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2022-17-PrdU-VariFuel2-TEM-Air-Gas-Mixer-Stepper-Motor-Change-EN.pdf  (361 KB)
  • Assembly Instructions VariFuel2-TEM
    Assembly Instructions VariFuel2-TEM  (2 MB)
  • Sales Flyer VariFuel2-TEM
    Sales Flyer VariFuel2-TEM  (2 MB)
  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2018-16-MarI-Gas-Mixer-Upgrade-MWM-TBG620-V16-VariFuel2-TEM-EN.pdf  (181 KB)
  • VariFuel2 Dimensioning Data Sheet
    VariFuel2 Dimensioning Data Sheet  (596 KB)