MOTORTECH Pre-Chamber Spark Plug

MOTORTECH’s pre-chamber spark plug MPC1900 is a cost-effective high performance solution for a wide variety of stationary gas engines. Its rigid design, specified for industrial applications, ensures long running times. The innovative design optimizes combustion in the engine, thus increasing efficiency and leading to improved emission values.

  • Iridium/Platinum alloy on center and ground electrode
  • Resistant high quality ceramics made for best mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Laser technology makes a perfect alloy at the seam possible
  • Hot locking technology guarantees high durability in high compression engines
  • Monolithic resistor
  • High quality steel shell, nickel-plated for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany


  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2019-10-PrdI-MPC1900-Design-Change-EN.pdf  (162 KB)
  • Sales Flyer MPC1900 Pre-Chamber Spark Plug
    Sales Flyer MPC1900 Pre-Chamber Spark Plug  (133 KB)