MOTORTECH Pre-Chamber Spark Plug

MOTORTECH’s MPC1900 pre-chamber spark plug is a cost-effective high performance solution for a wide variety of stationary gas engines. It features a rigid design for industrial purposes that guarantees a long service life. The innovative product optimizes combustion in the engine and improves efficiency and emission values.

  • Made in Germany
  • Iridium/Platinum alloy on center and ground electrode
  • Resistant high quality ceramics made for best mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Laser technology makes a perfect alloy at the seam possible
  • Hot locking technology guarantees high durability in high compression engines
  • Monolithic resistor
  • High quality steel shell, nickel-plated for excellent corrosion resistance


  • Sales Flyer MPC1900 Pre-Chamber Spark Plug
    Sales Flyer MPC1900 Pre-Chamber Spark Plug  (121 KB)