MIC100 Ignition Controller

The MIC100 is a microprocessor controlled ignition controller based on the capacitor discharge principle and was developed as a cost-effective solution specifically for use on small natural gas powered engines with up to 8 cylinders.

The MIC100 uses supplied input signals from a magnetic or inductive pickup to accurately determine the correct ignition timing of each output. The ignition timing can be influenced by different inputs, which can be realized with an analog input signal, a configurable speed curve or optionally with a serial connection (CAN bus).

Based on the information received, the MIC100 continuously monitors the system status of the pickup and the correct operation of the primary ignition circuit during operation. Depending on the errors detected, the controller will shut down or warn the operator. The status LED or the graphical user interface MICT support the operator in the rapid diagnosis of errors.

  • Max. 8 ignition outputs
  • 24 V DC nominal supply voltage
  • 250 V DC max. primary voltage
  • 130 mJ max. primary energy
  • Ignition timing to 0.1° crankshaft
  • Triggered by 1 magnetic or inductive pickup
  • Multiple ignition timing control via Speed curve, 0 to 20 mA analog input, CAN bus (optional)
  • Programmable firing order
  • Overspeed shutdown function
  • Access controlled
  • Adjustable energy limits during operation
  • Programmable speed curve with max. 8 speed points (speed/ignition timing)
  • System status display
  • Protection class IP69K
  • 1 to max. 8 cylinders
  • Stoichiometric operation
  • Operation with natural gas
  • Power up to approx. 75 kW


  • Sales Flyer MIC100
    Sales Flyer MIC100  (435 KB)
  • Sales & Service Bulletin MIC100
    Sales & Service Bulletin MIC100  (84 KB)
  • Operating Manual MIC100
    Operating Manual MIC100  (3 MB)
  • Instructions for Use USB Adaptor Cable
    Instructions for Use USB Adaptor Cable  (138 KB)


Software Package Firmware Version 1.2.0

Includes firmware version 1.2.0 for hardware 0.05, 0.06, and 0.07, MICT 2.42.0, MOTORTECH Flash Tool 0.23.00000 and documentation