EasyNOx MOTORTECH NOx Monitoring

The European Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCP) is the guideline for regulating emissions in combustion engines from 1 MW energy input. The German Mechanical Engineering Industry (VDMA) provides a guideline for qualitative measuring of emissions.

For this purpose the EasyNOx generates daily average values from the currently measured NOx value and documented in the generous on-board data memory. The normal operation of the engine is decisive and  starting and stopping processes of the lean-burn gas engine are excluded from the monitoring. Additionally, exhaust gas temperatures are recorded and monitored.

The EasyNOx is available as BASIC package or EXTENDED package (communication option with master control system such as the ALL-IN-ONE system). Further information on the packages is available in the EasyNOx sales flyer.


  • Manipulation-safe data storage
  • Generous on-board data storage
  • Suitable for all Gas-Otto lean-burn engines
  • Meets the requirements of VDMA 6299
  • MOTORTECH NOx sensor with CE certificate
  • Simple reporting via USB interface
  • No additional annual flat rate
  • EasyNOx prepared for later visualization of MOTORTECH ignition and knock detection
  • Multi-modularity: monitoring of two engines simultaneously
  • Each engine is equipped with NOx sensors and temperature monitoring

Data preliminary, subject to technical changes.


  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2022-04-PrdU-EasyNOx-Release-Notes-1.8.0-EN.pdf  (140 KB)
  • Sales Flyer EasyNOx
    Sales Flyer EasyNOx  (2 MB)
  • Technical Data Sheet EasyNOx
    Technical Data Sheet EasyNOx  (337 KB)
  • Manual EasyNox
    Manual EasyNox  (4 MB)
  • Handling-Guide-MOTORTECH-NOx-Sensors-EN.pdf  (2 MB)