EasyNOx MOTORTECH NOx Monitoring

The 44. BImSchV is the german implementation of the European MCP Directive and replaces the current version of TA-Luft. In particular, emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) must be qualitatively monitored and  documented. 

For this purpose, the currently measured daily NOx average values are formed and documented in the generous on-board data memory. The normal operation of the engine is decisive and start and stop processes are excluded from the monitoring. As an indicator of the effective operation of the oxidation catalyst and the conversion of carbon monoxide (CO), the temperatures of the exhaust gas are recorded and stored.


The EasyNOx is able to monitor several engines all at once. Two engines (planned up to four) can be connected via independent NOx sensors and temperature monitoring. This has the advantage of a savings effect of around 15 %. Every engine is equipped with single NOx and temperature sensors.

Start of sales from January 2020, delivery from 2nd quarter 2020.
Data preliminary, subject to technical changes.


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