AlphaRail Wiring Rail System for Temperature Control

The stainless steel wiring rails which are water tight due to a well approved foaming process, offer an easy and fast installation of accessory control systems such as

  • Temperature control
  • Gas valve systems

With individual outlet port connectors, the sensors can be individually connected and easily wired to the rail. A disconnectable main harness routs all sensors to one main control unit or individual wiring boxes.

  • Up to 10 thermocouple inputs per rail
  • As standard each rail comes with 2 additional thermocouple inputs for temperature measurement pre and post turbocharger
  • All thermocouples need to be Type K (NiCrNi)
  • Made of stainless steel which performs better than aluminum in harsh environments (and where operators use any kind of equipment to hold or stand on)
  • Made to perfectly fit the application
  • Rigid military style connectors are securely fastened into the stainless steel
  • Rails are filled with special foam to ensure that all wires are separated from ground and will not vibrate and eventually short out to ground
  • Water proof design – built to last in uncovered environment
  • Repairable by MOTORTECH’s assigned distributors in
  • Low voltage signals can be grouped in one rail. It is not recommended to have low and high voltage signals in one rail. In this case, detonation sensor and thermocouple leads match perfectly.
  • Ignition and gas valve control wire work together well.