Coolant Filtration

Stainless Steel Coolant Filters for Stationary Applications

These bypass filters with stainless steel filter elements clean coolant liquids from all deposits. Elements can be washed and do not need to be disposed. Increases water pump life, cylinder head efficiency and equipment availability. Reduces service and maintenance cost.

  • Easy to install
  • Cleans and maintains coolant system from rust and contaminants
  • Increases water pump life
  • Reduces coolant deposits and increases cylinder head efficiency and life
  • Stainless steel filter elements can be cleaned – NO WASTE
  • Visual flow indicator (stationary applications)
  • Easy to service – decreases maintenance cost
  • Filter micron rating:
    standard – 50 micron
    optional – 25 micron
  • Flow rate up to 30 GPM
  • Inhibits electro-chemical degradation of engine components. An industrial gas engine has the characteristics of a large battery when coolant is circulated through the engine block. Contaminants and suspended solids in the coolant act as a conductor, which more readily allows current to flow throughout the engine block, which degrades EPDM, buna, rubber, viton, and soft metal or alloy components / water pump bearings, impellers, etc.
  • Cleaned coolant inhibits corrosion on engine components such as cylinder heads, cylinder liners and seals, water pump impellers and bearings, etc.
  • Prevents “flash-off” in the cylinder heads when engine has an emergency stop; as the coolant can properly dissipate thermal loads
  • Inhibits scale deposits on all coolant passages and interior thermal surfaces of the engine block.


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