Static Air/Gas Mixers

The MOTORTECH static venturi air/gas mixers (P/N are the newest variants of the existing air/gas mixer product series (P/N They have been designed to replace all variants of P/N with immediate effect.

The new air/gas mixers are available in series 100-60, 140-80 and 200-120 and can be easily adapted to their respective application by using different sized flow bodies.

In addition to the flow bodies, a variety of accessories including gas adjustment screws and inlet and outlet flanges are available. This allows users to create mixing systems suitable for multiple installation environments.

Features & Advantages

  • Used for a wide range of gas types: natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, biogas, mining gas, wood gas...
  • Reduced number of parts delivers a 30% weight reductions over the previous version.
  • One-piece flow bodies reduce cost and installation time.
  • Two gauge ports for gas pressure measurement and impulse line connection.
  • Full compatibility with VariFuel2/2+ and VariFuel3 inlet and outlet flanges.
  • Casted housing and inlet parts.
  • Premium quality materials. 


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