VariFuel 3 200-120

Replacement for VariFuel 2 200-120 and VariFuel 2+ 200-120

The VariFuel 3 is a high-tech gas/air mixer, designed to adjust ratios for the optimum blending of gas and engine intake air, to provide maximum engine efficiency. The mixing of gas and air is achieved using a sophisticated, fixed Venturi design, with a precise movable fuel ring, eliminating the requirement for efficiency reducing throttle valves or large moving parts in the mixer. The VariFuel 3 is suitable for use with multiple gas types including: natural, biogas, landfill, sewage, wood, wellhead and mining.

Key enhancements over the VariFuel 2 include:

  • Precision regulation due to improved fuel ring design (all fuel types).
  • Reduced number of available flow bodies for part optimisation.
  • Reduction in weight and number of available parts for quicker installation time and lower costs.
  • New bayonet connector for improved stability.
  • Ability to install without completely dismantling the gas/air mixer.
  • Aluminium casted parts provide 30% weight reduction.
  • Single-piece flow bodies for reduced assembly times.
  • Extended ambient temperature range.

If you would like to learn more about the VariFuel 3 and how it will enhance your gas engine applications, please get in touch

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