FC86WWCC / FN85WWCC / FN86WWCC FEDERAL-MOGUL® Industrial Spark Plugs

Plan your requirements for 2019 now and secure attractive prices!

From January 2019, MOTORTECH will be adding the latest industrial spark plugs from FEDERAL-MOGUL® to its range. These spark plugs are specially designed for use in state-of-the-art engine applications with high peak cylinder pressures. Their new design, a unique u-shaped recess in the insulator, allows the use of larger electrodes, resulting in increased electrical and mechanical strength and service life.



  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2018-19-NPrd-FEDERAL-MOGUL-Spark-Plugs-FC86WWCC-FN85WWCC-FN86WWCC-EN.pdf (94 KB)
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