DENSO® Spark Plug Update

DENSO® Spark Plug Part Number Update Information!

DENSO Spark Plugs are made to high quality standards and incorporate the very latest in spark plug technology. As one of the world’s largest suppliers DENSO continues to meet its high global standards through continuous improvements to its comprehensive product range. 

In June 2022, MOTORTECH notified customers (Sales & Service Bulletin 115) DENSO had made a change to the material composition of the popular GE3-5 and GK3-5 spark plugs. This change resulted in new part numbers being released for customer use. 

With immediate effect DENSO has advised it will be returning to the standard GE3-5 and GK3-5 spark plugs that were on sale prior to June 2022. This change marks the return to the original double Iridium electrodes. The centre electrode has a diameter of 0.2 mm, the ground electrode has a diameter of 2.4 mm. The initial gap setting is 0.28 mm. The geometry of both part numbers will remain the same as their predecessors. Any open sales orders with MOTORTECH will automatically update to the newly released part numbers once available.

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