4,000 Hours* – MHP Plugs Still Running in a Worthington® SUTC10

MOTORTECH B4321 (prechamber) M14x1.25 and B7224 (main chamber) 7/8-18 UNS MHP spark plugs provide reliable combustion and long life in WORTHINGTON® SUTC10 engines with pre-combustion chambers.

Integrated into an unshielded MOTORTECH high energy MIC5 ignition system with MOTORTECH ignition coils and PolyMotTM spark plug leads, the MHP plugs in the pre-combustion chamber are outlasting competitive spark plugs (CHAMPION® RC78PYP) in this application by a factor of 3. The MHP spark plug in the main chamber outlast competitive spark plugs (CHAMPION® RW80N) by a factor of 2.

* Note: Running hours may vary due to application type and accessory equipment installed.



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