PowerView3 Ignition Control Visualization

The operating data of MIC3/3+, MIC4 and MIC5 series ignition controllers will be completely visualized via HMI module (Human Machine Interface). The overview screen shows the relevant information as engine speed, ignition timing and status of pickups, ignition outputs or active parameter set.

The PowerView3 also allows justification of various ignition parameters such as ignition timing and energy. Functions as the self-test for error diagnostics can also be executed via HMI module. The control keys guarantee simple navigation through different display pages and menus. All in all the PowerView3 HMI module is also able to provide error diagnostics on-site without requiring a laptop!

The PowerView3 is also available for data visualization of:

  • DetCon Detonation Control
  • TempScan20 Temperature Module
  • Visualization of ignition, detonation and temperature control via CAN bus
  • Access control
  • Display of CAN connection status
  • Several display configurations (languages, date, display calibration, etc.)
  • For assembly in control panels
  • Day and night mode
  • CSA® certified (Class I, Division 2, Group C, D; T4)
  • Overview with status indication for
    – Pickup signals
    – Active schedule
    – Analog display of engine speed
    – Ignition timing
    – Spark plugs (operating hours)
  • Display of global ignition timing dependent on
    – Base ignition timing
    – Potentiometer adjustment
    – Analog current and voltage input
    – Speed curve
  • Displays the ignition of each cylinder
    – Ignition voltage
    – Misfires
  • Display of misfires
    – Primary and secondary sided wiring errors
    – Type of error (no connection/short circuit)
  • Display and adjustment of energy
    – Spark duration
    – Spark intensity
  • Display and adjustment of firing angles and ignition energy
  • Self-test activation
  • Warning, alarm and error messages


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  • Operating Manual
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Software Package Firmware Version 1.0.6

Includes firmware version 1.0.6 for BSP (Board Support Package) 1.7.0 and 1.41.0 and documentation