PowerView3 HMI Module: Visualization of Temperature Monitoring

The PowerView3 Human Machine Interface (HMI) module is used to display ignition and detonation control operating data in conjunction with the TempScan20 Temperature Module, as well as to visualizing and recording temperature data.

With the PowerView3, a maximum of one ignition control unit (MIC3/3+/MIC4/MIC5), one detonation control (DetCon2/20) and three TempScan20 Temperature Modules can be integrated simultaneously. The PowerView3 is CSA certified (Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D, T4), which allows it to be used in hazardous areas.

The TempScan20 temperature module can measure the temperature of up to 20 thermocouples. An integrated diagnostic system ensures the functional testing of the connected thermocouples.

Over- and undertemperature of exhaust, winding and fluid temperatures, warnings and error messages are transmitted with the TempScan20 via CAN bus to the PowerView3 HMI module, which processes and visualizes the data.

The TempScan20 temperature module is constructed for industrial use on stationary gas engines and power generators and has a robust housing and waterproof plug connections. The TempScan20, like the PowerView3, is CSA certified and suitable for installation in a control panel. As a stand-alone version, both units are also available in a stainless steel housing as a mounted version.


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Software Package Firmware Version 1.0.6

Includes firmware version 1.0.6 for BSP (Board Support Package) 1.7.0 and 1.41.0 and documentation