ALL-IN-ONE New ECU List MOTORTECH – Release 1.6.0

The new MOTORTECH ECU list including a detailed new features list can be downloaded at the following address (458 KB):

Please note that the MOTORTECH ECU list version 1.6.0 is also included in the IGC firmware file 2.6.0 for generator & CHP control systems ALL-IN-ONE.NTC and ALL IN-ONE.NT. In order to install and use the MOTORTECH ECU list, the latest version of the ComAp PC Suite must be installed on your computer. The current ComAp PC Suite can be obtained via the web site of the manufacturer ComAp in the download center at:

After downloading the new MOTORTECH ECU list, execute the IGC file by double-clicking it and then follow the instructions.



  • MOTORTECH-Bulletin-2018-03-PrdU-ALL-IN-ONE-ECU-List-New-Release-1.6.0-EN.pdf (91 KB)