New year – new look

After more than 30 years, we have redesigned our brand identity and now present ourselves in a new look. It is part of a comprehensive transformation process that implements shared values, conveys attitude, strengthens the brand and enables innovation.

The new trademark logo
At the heart of the new corporate design is the new corporate logo. The design was developed from a clearly digital perspective to meet the demands of today's media and communications industry. The logo reflects our consistency as a market leader. We offer individual solutions and reliable solutions - for over 30 years.

Color design
The primary colors blue - and newly added gray - are clearly assigned as corporate colors and, together with the new brand logo, serve as the first identifying marks. The defined color scheme gives the brand its own character and at the same time offers variable design options in the individual implementations.

Introduction of brand and product icons
The new corporate design incorporates the company values: Reliability, Passion, Professionalism, Innovative Spirit and Flexibility. For this purpose, the new brand icons were introduced, which will in future form a central part of the brand identity. 

In general, the incorporation of icons into corporate communications forms a further step into the innovative, digital future of the brand.

The new corporate design will gradually be rolled out across all websites, platforms and products.