Exploring Career Choices at MOTORTECH

On this year's Future Day, MOTORTECH welcomed 6 young people from the surrounding schools in the Celle district.

With a view to their later career choices, the boys and girls have already been allowed to work in various professions in order to facilitate vocational orientation after finishing school. MOTORTECH was happy to help with career choices and provided insights into the sales, electronic manufacturing, logistics and administration departments.

The nationwide Future Day enables pupils to take part in activities in companies, universities and institutions and thus explore professions that they usually do not consider themselves.


(From left: Mona Virchow, Stella Angerer, Janine Teske, Janna Kahle, Konrad Schwengfelder, Kai Lehne, Anne-Kathrin Krüger, Edina Müller-Stosch (not in picture)) Download